Baby dolls and parenting skills

I have some issues with giving small girls baby dolls. I think it sends the message that girls need to have babies or that they need to focus on taking care of babies. Emma started getting baby dolls before she was even born (thanks Mama). So I stuck them in the top of the closet, never to be heard from again…..until today.
I broke down today and gave Emma a baby doll. She has been walking around the house saying “baby, baby, baby” for a week. I just grabbed one out of the closet, tore it from the pretty wrapping and put it in her arms. She looked at me and smiled the biggest smile you have ever seen. I immediately knew that Emma would be on an episode of MTV’s Teen Mom in 2027.
Now this is ridiculous. I should not feel this way. This is a doll. It will not determine whether Emma wants to have babies. It will not determine what kind of woman she is. It is a doll. It will not determine the course of her life. I forced myself to calm down and get over it. As I sat there and watched Emma steal her baby’s hair bow and smash her doll’s face on the floor I smiled a little. Parenting is so hard.

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